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Keyboard Stroke Recorder Software

Do you need to track your child computer activities on the internet or record actions performed by your employees on the computer? Keystroke Recorder is safe and easy to use computer keyboard stroke recorder software that allows you to keep track what is happening on your computer in your absence, log your kid or employee computer activity remotely. It can monitor every typed text, chat conversations, username, passwords and other keystroke activities performed on your computer. This hidden key logger software is able to automatically log and send log reports to your appointed mailbox which makes monitoring simple.
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Keystroke Recorder not only has the function of keylogger recording all keystrokes in any application including instant messenger, websites, and many more; but also has the power taking screen shot at certain intervals which you set. It can capture the whole screen or snapshots of some certain programs, such as Facebook, instant messenger and so on. The continuous recorded pictures have high quality in JPG format allows you to know clearly what others do in computer and via Internet. Besides, it could receive the ability to run the program in invisible mode, hidden in Start menu, System startup, Add remove program list and even remains hidden in the destination folders path; which ensures that the program will not be able to be found by the person you are recording. What is more, it is able to send the recorded data to the mail address that you set automatically in appointed time interval, makes it possible for you to check the monitoring reports no matter where you are.

Keystroke Recorder

Among all the keyboard stroke recorder software for Windows operating system, Keystroke Recorder is one of the top software. It is not just because of its so many functions, but also for its green and clean. This stealth monitoring program has no virus or ad in it, it could be installed and removed by you, once removed has no remains, totally clean. It occupies tiny computer memory, nearly has no impact on computer, and can co-exist with antivirus software peacefully.



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