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LAN Remote Desktop Monitoring Software

LAN Controller is the best software to monitor computer activities of employees in real time. All PC screens will show in manager’s computer as video wall. No matter employees are in the same office with you, or they are in another room which is in the same network with you, you can stealthily monitor them stay indoors. And sometimes, when it's necessary, you can remote control their computers with freedom. You will have the greatest right to control and manage all computers in office. In addition, our software has an excellent function of remote file management. When you access their file system, they can’t detect what is happening.
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Many bosses of small companies feel bad about their employees. They dare not to let staff member do important job. So they do all important things with themselves. In fact, a company wants to get even stronger, the important job of boss or manager is learning how to manage employees. No doubt, use LAN desktop monitoring software is a good idea to IT department. The performance appraisal of IT department is difficult to enforce. Boss doesn’t know how much jobs should they finished. Such as a task should be finished within a day originally, but employee finished it after three days, but there's no evidence that innocent they have done non-work-related things. But after you install remote desktop software for LAN, all things will be improved.

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Now, building local area network is very easy. No matter large corporation or small studio, all Computers can connect to LAN with wireless network or wired network. With LAN, all computers can coordination work with each other in company. It greatly simplified flow of work. At the same time, employee monitoring should be synchronized. Using LAN desktop monitoring software is necessary. Furthermore, company has legal right to install spy software in employees’ computer to strengthen management. Of course, we suggest company enforces pragmatic and personalized management, before install monitoring software in employees’ computer, manager should tell them the truth and tell them you can know what are they doing, and warn them don’t do something non-work related. I think they will know work hard is not only for company but also for themselves, that's the only way for them and company keep growing. 



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