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Record Voice Chat Room Conversations Secretly

Voice chat room provides us a great and convenient way to communicate with other people. It allows us to chat with our friends, relatives and mates by voice to voice, which makes both chatters easily catch the emotion and point of conversation of each other. At the mean time, we are able to find some stranger online to chat in order to kill time, if you’re lucky enough, you would probably make a like-minded friend on the Internet. You can't deny that voice chat rooms bring us a lot of advantages, while every coin has two sides. Sexual predators, cybercriminals exist everywhere especially chat rooms, if your child like spending tome on chat rooms, you should pay more attention on it.
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For the purpose of helping parents to keep an eye on children’s computer behavior, record their online voice chat room conversations, software PC Voice Spy Recorder was developed. It is powerful and specialized voice chat monitoring and recording software which could record voice chat room conversations stealthily. It works in back ground, shows no icon or tray on desktop, start-up, task manager, systems tray, uninstall list, and it also with a hidden log file storage path, what is more, hotkey and password activating makes it more conceal. PC Voice Spy Recorder is able to record not only out, but also in, that is to say, what you talk and what the person chat with you talk, sound from microphone and earphone, all can be recorded clearly. The continuous sound content would be saved at set time interval with high quality, and you can listen to these audio pieces with any audio player. Then what you kid chatted with others online can be known easily and explicitly.

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Some net citizens do not support monitoring kids’ voice chat or online behavior; they think it is a behavior which invades privacy of kids. But in fact, many parents are still looking for good monitoring program, because it can be an effective way to keep eyes on kids’ computer and Internet activity, and then protect them safe online. In my opinion, it is needful to use software like PC Voice Spy Recorder to monitor kid’s computer, as Internet is a dangerous place for pure children, parents cannot always behind their children when they use computer.


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