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Software to Record ICQ Voice Chat

Nowadays, there are quite a number of online instant messengers providing function of voice chat, such as Skype, Yahoo Messenger, AIM, ICQ, QQ and so on; voice chat makes communication more convenient and straightforward, thus it is becoming more and more popular. ICQ is the first Internet-wild instant messaging service; no doubt it has a great deal of users. Does your young kid have an ICQ account and spend a lot of time on chatting alone? Is your children online more than usual, hanging out in ICQ chat rooms secretly? Do you want to record your own ICQ voice chat conversation for your like? Then you need PC Voice Spy Recorder.
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PC Voice Spy Recorder is computer software for Windows operate systems to record IM voice chat stealthily. Just install this program in your target computer and set up set options, it starts to work. Owing to its secrecy, other people will not realize there is hidden voice monitoring software in computer. It has no window or icon shows in desktop, meanwhile, hidden storage path, certain activate hotkeys and passwords give you a much greater assurance of its secrecy. PC Voice Spy Recorder is able to auto start once computer starts up, and auto record when ICQ voice chat activates. It record voice chat on the air without stopping, and saves the recorded content every X minutes automatically. Logged sound has high quality could be replayed with players, therefore you can handle what contents your kid or spouse chatted with others clearly.

PC Voice Spy Recorder

Comparing with similar software, PC Voice Spy Recorder owns the following merits. At first, it can record both voice chat out and in, from earphone and microphone, while many other software fail of this function. Then, it is able to not only to record instant messenger voice chat like ICQ, but also capture streaming audio from Internet, music played by players, sound in games, what is more, sound from nearby equipments also could be captured. Next, it is absolutely green software without any virus or ads, which can co-exist with antivirus program peacefully, supports both install and uninstall. Finally, PC Voice Spy Recorder is quite easy to use with simple interface and direct guide, so beginners are able to use it easily.


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